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Our company ¨Special Pins Sleeves and Punches Private Ltd¨ was formerly ¨Special Tool Manufacturers¨, a company started by a group of experts in designing and manufacturing cutting tools in 1983.

Special PinsBy 1988, Special Tool Manufacturers had built a solid reputation for products of very high quality and reliability. Around that period, development of PCB punches and profile punches gave an edge to our reputation.

By 1999, Sleeve Ejectors and Blade Ejectors had been developed, and these products further strengthened our position in the market.

Awards and Recognition

Our company was awarded by Karnataka Council for Technological Upgradation for adopting innovative technology for manufacture of Sleeve Ejectors on 27th June, 2000.

About Our Products

We manufacture Round Piercing Punches, Ejector Pins, Ejector Sleeves, Blind Hole Core Pins, Stepped Pins, Die Buttons, HSS Round Tools Bits, Drill Jig Bushes and Punch Guide Bushes.

Special PinsRound Piercing Punches, manufactured from high speed steel – generally referred to as HSS 652 or HSS M2 quality steel – are employed to  holes in sheet metal components mounted on press tools of different capacities depending on size and thickness of sheet metal work. Our Piercing Punches are used in perforating holes in various hard and tough materials including many grades of stainless steels.

Straight Shank and Stepped Punches with round or countersink head are in common use. These punches are hardened, ground, tempered, stress relieved and lapped to h6 tolerance, their hardness being maintained between HRC 62 to 64. Concentricity of step diameter with respect to the shank is maintained within 0.005mm and surface finish of shank is maintained at 0.2μ to 0.3μ (1μ = 0.001 millimeter). Evenly distributed carbide particles over the cross section of the punch with uniform size and form assure quality and durability.

Special PinsEjector Pins and Ejector Sleeves are extensively used in ejecting out components from opened moulds in plastic moulding and die casting operations. These tools are manufactured from Hot Die Steel (HDS) of H13 quality. HDS H13 steel is best suited when the operating temperature exceeds 180° Centigrade .
Our Ejector Pins and Ejector Sleeves are hardened, ground, tempered and nitrided. Their hardness is maintained between HRC 48 to HRC 52, and the surface hardness is maintained at HV950.

Blind Hole Core Pins and Stepped Pins are used mainly by industries that manufacture writing instruments like ball point pens and more.
Special Pins

Drill Jig Bushes – also called jig bushing –  are manufactured from HSS M2 quality steel. These are used in metalworking jigs to guide, position and support cutting tools like countersinks, counter bores, reamers and drills.

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